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Welcome to visit Homepage Eumseong County the clean red pepper producing district

Ancient Times
Part of Mahan
Korea’s Three Kingdoms Period
Called ‘Inghol-hyeon(prefecture)’
The United Silla Period
Renamed Eumseong-hyeon(prefecture) during the 16th year of King Gyeongdeok’s reign
May 26, 1895
Renamed Eumseong-gun(county) in accordance with Clause No. 98 of a Royal Order

‘Inghol,’ the ancient name of Eumseong, literally means valley (‘Ing’ means water while ‘hol’ means valley or castle). The old record reads that Eumseong was a great village to live in with abundant water all the year round.

General Information

  • Are a: 520.5㎢
  • Population: 94,978 (36,894 households)
  • Administrative district: 114 legal ris(villages), 322 administrative ris(villages), 1,242 bans(house groups)
  • Organization: 1 office, 14 departments, county council, 2 direct agencies, 5 affiliated agencies, 9 eups(towns) and myeons(towns)
  • Local products: Cheonggyeol Hot Pepper, Daolchan Watermelon, Haetsare Peach, Eumseong Ginseng, etc.

Korea’s best transportation network stretching in all directions

The Heart of National Territory! A Core District of the Central Region!
Eumseong’s transportation network, stretching in all directions, includes Jungbu Highway in the northwest, Jungbu Inland Highway in the north, an east-west overpass and a south-north highway, all of which have been a driving force for local economic growth.
Favorable district with business purposes
Progressive industrial complex through industry-agriculture cooperation

Vigorous local economy

Thanks to Jungbu Highway and Jungbu Inland Highway, Eumseong is located in an optimal environment for rapid transportation. It has been active in attracting a high-tech industrial (industrial-agricultural) complex.

The best industrial complex with the best investment opportunity! Nearly 1,200 companies have produced a variety of products (metals, non-metals, electrical and electronic goods, chemicals, processed foods, etc.) in the industrial and industrial-agricultural complexes.

Photos by Industrial Complex

Development of a new town in the central region

Based on a close cooperation with public organizations, local businesses and academic research institutions, we are going to build a specialized, future-oriented city equipped with optimal innovation and the best conditions for establishing regional growth.

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