Seolseong Cultural Festival

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Seolseong Cultural Festival
A fun and exciting traditional art and cultural festival

The ground for inheritance and development of traditional art and culture Seolseong Cultural Festival!

This is an open cultural festival in which all citizens and tourists are welcomed to participate. It offers a variety of fun and exciting cultural programs such as spectacular fireworks, costume parade, Geobuk Nori (traditional folk play of Eumseong), Toksilgajae Juldarigi (tug of war), folk play contest, Nongak (farmers' music) contest, citizens' singing contest, scarecrow making, sculpture exhibition, photo exhibition and hot pepper pot exhibition.

  • Toksilgajae juldarigi (tug of war)
    Toksilgajae juldarigi
    (tug of war)
  • Geobuk Nori (turtle game)
    Geobuk Nori
    (turtle game)
  • Catching fish by hand
    Catching fish by hand
  • Date : September every year
  • Venue : Eumseong Stadium